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How to build a brand and website for a Start Up

31.01.20 - by James Carter


How to build a brand and website for a Start Up

A unique business with an all too familiar problem.

Start up website Challenge


Transformd was a startup growing quickly. They knew what they did, but they weren’t very good at telling their customers what they did, how they did it or why people should use them. The brand had no clear direction, which led to the communication feeling safe, but also a little confusing.

Yet behind all this, Transformd offered a technology and platform, which radically simplified and streamlined business processes, giving customers the experience they deserved. Now we just needed to figure out how to tell everyone.


The Brand/Communication


Before design, Carter2’s ‘CX Sprint’ focused on reviewing existing messaging, communications and interviewing staff, in order to gain a quick and complete understanding of the business. The goal, to succinctly identify Transformd’s primary benefits and message hierarchy.

The client justifiably wanted to focus on customer experience. But in order to get there, we had to explain the positive experiences businesses would feel when they used Transformd, and then link this to customers.

‘Transformd empowers staff to deliver a truly unique and curated customer experience.’

We developed a brand that was more direct, with a clear call to action - one that could be customer experience focused but relevant to Transformd, not their customer’s customer.

‘We don’t just make things personal for the customer, We make it easy for business.’


The Website Design


With the brand newly defined, Carter2’s ‘CX Sprint’ shifted towards design. With a complex proposition now defined, we designed a clear, streamlined narrative for first time visitors. A chic, minimal home page supported strong engaging copy. Imagery shifted its focus to real people rather than graphics and animation, while our colour palette showcased the brand’s quality and professionalism, while still feeling unique.

A key Sprint outcome was to clearly demonstrate Transformd’s software for the first time, while customer funnels were optimised to ensure every lead could be captured and explored. We simplified and streamlined Transformd in the same way it simplifies digital processes for businesses.

‘Transformd. The customer is everything.’

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