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How to build a brand website design and Ecommerce store - Case Study

09.01.20 - by James Carter

How to build a brand website design and Ecommerce store - Case Study

An incredible cause needs a remarkable brand.

The Challenge:

Building and selling a product online

Guy Leech is a fierce competitor. It’s what drove him to become Australian Ironman Surf Lifesaving Champion and a household name. But after losing one of his friends suddenly, Guy Leech is now taking on his toughest competitor yet - cardiac arrests.


The Brand / Communication:

How to Build a brand and communication that works

Carter 2’s CX sprint identified several core ambitions. We built Heart180’s brand around a clear mission - to get a defibrillator within 180 seconds of every Australian. We established a unique strategy to market to individuals and well as businesses, and set about reeducating a nation. Heart180 became a profit for purpose initiative. It finally debunked the complexities around defibs and gave Australians an easy and affordable process to purchase a defibrillator. We teamed up with the company that invented the defibrillator, we replaced jargon with an Aussie tone of voice and a battling attitude.

Guy Leech became a champion for heart health.

‘A cardiac arrest can happen to anyone. A defibrillator can bring anyone back. ‘



The Design:

How to build an identity that stands out

With so many brands in the health space using red and white, we wanted Heart180 to stand out and represent something different. So together, we established a unique colour palette.

The brand instantly stands alone, but is still connected to health and emergency. Heart180’s logo is clean, powerful and tied to the mission statement. The design is distinctive, the navigation simple, the message is loud and clear. Heart180 may be a new organisation with one hell of a goal, but it’s already the easiest way for Aussies to understand and combat cardiac arrests.

‘Every year 30,000 Aussies die from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. It’s time we did something about it.’


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