Solving website design issues with a design sprint

Achmea Farm Insurance

11.02.20 - by James Carter

Solving website design issues with a Design Sprint

When every customer represents an immense opportunity, your website has to over-deliver.

A design Sprint helped to define a key point of difference

Achmea Farm Insurance has over 200 years of European history and heritage. However, In Australia, all that heritage didn’t count for much - the farm insurance specialists were the underdogs, competing against already established organisations like Elders, NRMA, QBE and Allianz. They couldn’t rely on a brand built in the Netherlands; they needed to build a brand here, and establish a key point of difference.


Great UX (User Experience Design) helped to leverage the point of difference

With a focused ‘CX-Sprint’ we quickly identified that Achmea was already doing so many things right, they just weren’t telling their customers about it. Carter2 seized on their commitment and dedication to customers to build a brand with a very human touch. 

‘Farm Insurance isn’t a product; it’s your livelihood.’

We turned Achmea into a challenger brand, with a local feel and a unique approach to farm insurance. We questioned the way Achmea’s competitors insured and turned Achmea’s Risk Specialists into a competitive advantage.

‘We believe you can’t get a fair quote until we’ve walked your farm.’

The strategy gave Achmea a clear point of difference but also a series of terms that they could own online and in SEO.

‘Partner directly with your local Risk Specialist.’


UI (User Interface design) bought it all to life

We all agreed Achmea’s Risk Specialists had to be our hero. Their relationship with local farmers is key, pair that with strong geometric shapes and compelling messaging. Navigation drives farmers to discover the significance of Achmea’s Risk Specialists and encourages a clear call to action.  

Atomic design flows through each page, keeping the brand clean and consistent. The result is one of the best looking ‘local’ pages you’ll find in Australia.

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